Hi, I'm Emily.

"If there's a story in you, it has to come out."

And that's exactly what photography does—for me, and for you, on the other side of the lens.

It tells your story.

Whether you're a couple ready to commit the rest of your lives to each other, a brand-new mom a lot in love (and a little exhausted), or a family at any stage, you have a story uniquely your own.

I'd be honored to be your photographer, for whatever stage of life you're in, so you'll have those memories forever.

Some things about me.

I'm a mom of two boys, a native Texan turned Cornhusker (I love it here in Nebraska!), and wife to a talented filmmaker. We spend several weeks a year on the road seeing America, and are about halfway through visiting the U.S. National Parks.

Currently Inspired By...

  • The sea. Whether it's white sand beaches and turquoise water or sandy cliffs and white capped waves, feel most myself by the water (and anywhere I can beachcomb).
  • Travel, anywhere and everywhere.
  • Nostalgia in any form. Old black and white photos, sentimental music, handwritten notes, ticket stubs. I collect all of these things, and we might be kindred spirits if you do, too.
  • Gardening at our home. Getting my hands dirty in garden beds, tending to our flock of nine chickens, and converting a little bit more of our yard to native plants each year.
  • Good Mexican food. I miss that the most about living in Texas!

Let's work together.

I'd love to learn more about what you're hoping to capture through photography, and how I might help. Drop me a note, and we'll be in touch.

What ENP Clients Say

The Byerly Family

After our family moved to Nebraska, we didn't know where to go for a photographer. We could not be any more thrilled to have found Emily. She is so genuinely sweet while still being professional and guiding you through all the "what to do's" while taking pictures. She has such a creative and beautiful eye that captures the most memorable moments. You know when you run into someone who is absolutely, without a doubt, doing what God made them to do? That's Emily!