For some of my clients, choosing what type of clothing to wear for their session is the hardest part of the entire experience. These tips and tricks will help you and make planning a breeze!

Tips & Tricks

Coordinate, don't match.

Build complementary outfits that showcase varying colors, textures, patterns, and tones. Our goal is to have everything look good together without everything looking the same.

Choose neutrals & muted tones.

Neutral, muted, earthy tones and metallics work best for my photography style. They compliment outdoor environments and look great framed and displayed.


  • Softer tones vs. colors
  • Neutral + color vs. lots of different colors
  • Avoid wearing the same colors (or "matching")

Consider pattern carefully.

Avoid large, bold patterns. they dominate the photograph and detract from your face. Subtle, smaller patterns work best.

For example, flannels or a light floral print are great when they complement the location. For groups of three or less, limit yourself to one pattern. Matching patterns is difficult to do well.

Use Style & Select.

I offer a free styling service called Style & Select. Use access code ENP2022 to log in! Here's the link:


Consider your use case.

Whether you're an ENP bride and groom, a mom-and-dad-to-be getting maternity photos, or planning your family session, consider how you'll use your photos. When you display your photos in your home, what types of colors will be best on display? Typically, this is neutrals and softer tones—these will also be timeless.

Get inspired.

If you're a visual learner, please take a look at my Pinterest board. These ideas can help you dream of what you should wear for your session!

Dress to impress.

One of my favorite rules of thumb: Dress to impress. I recommend ladies incorporate at least one long, flowy dress for outdoor sessions (they are incredibly beautiful and photograph well). Guys, consider slacks vs. jeans, and a button-up instead of a collared or t-shirt.

Still not sure? Let me help!

If you’re not quite sure if what you're thinking will work, I encourage you to email me your options. I’ll be happy to weigh in and give you my professional opinion.